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The official website of the city of Schio


The city of Schio, in the province of Vicenza, promotes its territory through a new portal able to offer tourists, but also citizens themselves, all the necessary information about the place.

Visiting the site it will be possible to know what to visit: both in naturalistic and cultural terms. In addition there are special sections of the most popular places in addition to the services offered by the municipality itself.

Various devices showing the site in its mobile, tablet and desktop version

A portal developed in Ruby on Rails


We have collaborated with Magnet Officina Creativa and Oliver Lab giving our technical support to build a fast and secure site, thanks to the use of the Ruby on Rails framework.

Facade of the Lanificio count taken in the evening



  • Interactive map with which to choose your own places of interest
  • Creation of a list of preferences within the site
  • Possibility of registration and access to the personal area
  • Newsletter subscription form
Interactive map on the site where you can select places of interest
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