We recruit willing young n3rd soldiers at Padua and Vicenza.


We are always looking for new figures with which we can grow together. What matters to us are not the numbers but the passion for the digital world, we don't want to be a company with employees but a group of people who share experiences.

Team building, remote working, work-life balance are just some of the aspects we take into consideration when we work.

employer that work on a computer


We are looking for a junior web developer to be included in our crew who likes to work in a team, with a spirit of initiative and flexibility.

You surely belong to us if ...
  • You are precise in managing work and meeting deadlines
  • If you too love the web world and its trends
  • You like to learn and work even outside your ambits
  • You are multitasking
The skills we seek:
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Good skills in JavaScript and PHP
  • Basic knowledge of at least one development framework
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL
  • Basic knowledge of at least one of the following CMS Drupal, joomla, Wordpress
  • Basic understanding of the principles of on-page SEO
We also appreciate if you have skills in:
  • SASS
  • ES6 and subsequent specifications
  • Basic knowledge of one of the following development frameworks: React, Vue, Angular
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby On Rails




Education books


We are always open to new knowledge and collaborations.
Every occasion is good to meet new people and new stories, and who knows what the future holds: we can one day become colleagues, or collaborate together on exciting projects.


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