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Trias Handels Gmbh



Trias Handels GmbH since 2015 is one of the most successful companies in the European trade in motor vehicles of both new and used cars and all types of brands.

Megiston is committed to this project to offer Trias a totally custom online platform with which to sell cars to its customers but also a tool with which to manage supplier sales.

mockup of a blue surface showing some screenshots of the Trias web application



A technical card will be created for all cars entered with all the details of the vehicle: from the color, to the mileage up to the equipment installed.

The card will be usable by the sellers to find the right vehicle for their customers thanks to an internal search engine, it can also be shared with a simple link and be saved in the favorites.

Screen of a car card with photos, details and options for the car
Row of Mercedes parked in parallel



The possibilities with Ruby On Rails are a lot, and this is why it was easy to create for each type of user its customized section: the interface adapts to show particular sections, specific products or specific options based on the type of user selected .

Also the categories work in a similar way, being able to create a series of specifications with which to insert and classify the properties, or optional, of the cars in the catalog.

List of types of accounts that can be created through the software
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