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Cannabis Delight is a brand created by the AreiLà company, an agricultural company that was founded in 2018 with the passion and ambition to grow high-quality hemp plants with a low THC content, within the limits established by law. The company's goal is to obtain a product capable of maintaining the natural fragrances and organoleptic characteristics of the plant unaltered.


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As a newly created project, AreiLà turned to us for the development and presence of the brand on the web through a site that paid particular attention to the distinctive features of the corporate mission: naturalness and a culture of well-being.

Being a business focused on online sales, we have developed a new e-commerce based on Shopify that was responsive and equipped with a section dedicated exclusively to the purchase of inflorescences and essential oils.






Shopify is a platform that has allowed us to create Cannabis Delight e-commerce in a short time, adapting it according to customer needs. With this solution we have provided Arei Là with a safe, functional CRM that allows them to focus on one thing only: the sale of their products.

Having chosen a theme, we designed and created a customized graphic design, in line with the new brand, particular attention was given to optimization and responsive layout to ensure the best Shopping Experience, that is, ease of use of the platform and speed of purchase on all devices.

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